Monday, 17 February 2014


“Local fundraiser Kalvin Scott reached his milestone target for Palliative Care East.  Kalvin had set himself the target of running 500 miles and swimming 50 miles over the course of last year and achieved this on the 20th December.  This achievement was for his girlfriend, Natalie Wilson, who lost her life at the early age of 26 to bowel cancer.    The 20th December would have been Natalie’s 28th birthday so was a very poignant date for Kalvin to complete the task.

Kalvin’s journey saw him overcome many challenges not least the fact that before he started this he could not swim the length of a swimming pool, so to then undertake to swim 50 miles is a feat in its self.  Kalvin was also knocked back in the middle of the year as he developed shingles, setting the challenge back for a few weeks while he recovered.  Throughout the challenge the love and memories of the time he and Natalie spent together inspired him with the strength to go on.

Kalvin would like to thank all his supporters with a total raised of over £3000.   He would also like to say a special thanks to his family and to Natalie’s family for all of their love and support throughout.

The picture shows fundraiser Kalvin and Maxine, Appeal Co-ordinator, with the butterfly in memory of Natalie on the butterfly wall in the Louise Hamilton Centre.  Also picture of Natalie and Kalvin.