Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Shine a Light for loved ones

’Shine a Light’ is one of the Palliative Care East appeal’s first annual events to give on-going charitable support to the Louise Hamilton Centre. 

As we approach the end of another year, it is time for many of us to celebrate the joy of Christmas, but for all of us to reflect on the passing year, and our thoughts of loved ones is especially close to our hearts.

December also marks the completion of building work on the centre at the James Paget University Hospital. The Louise Hamilton Centre will be a legacy to be carried forward for many years to come.  So many local people have contributed to this, a celebration in its own right – so help us celebrate with a light. 

If you would like to remember someone special to you or if you just wish to show your support, please use the form opposite to tell us the name of the person whose life you are commemorating and your dedication. This is listed on the  ‘Shine a Light’ page in the menu to the right. 

Dedications are offered freely by the centre as a thank you to our whole community, however we would ask you to consider making a voluntary donation to continue the funding of the centre - all donations are very gratefully received.