Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Facebook page for the Louise Hamilton Centre

The £1.5 million Louise Hamilton Centre for supportive and palliative care at the James Paget University Hospital now has its own Facebook page.

The centre, funded by the Palliative Care East appeal, will provide a much needed information and supportive care centre for everyone in the Great Yarmouth and Waveney area who needs advice and support from diagnosis, during treatment, into survivorship or through to palliative care of any life-limiting or progressive illness.

Now people can find out more about the centre on the social media website

The new centre will open in January and give patients, carers, friends and family a calm and comforting place, filled with light, and where people can have time and space, away from a hospital environment, to get the information, advice and support they need.  The centre brings together a range of organisations from NHS services to charities and support groups, all working in partnership to provide patients, carers, families and friends with support and practical advice.

Supportive and palliative care supports patients and families whose lives are affected by a life-limiting or progressive illness. Some people will carry on living with their illness for many years and will require emotional and practical support in doing so.  For illnesses where a cure is not possible then an holistic approach to care helps patients and families to come to terms with the situation and to live their lives as fully as possible.